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Doctors have no formal medical training in Rural India
of Indian population lives in Rural India
of qualified doctors live in Rural India
of PHC’s do not meet the minimum quality standards as per WHO

Transforming Rural Healthcare

Building sustainable development with quality healthcare

Transforming Rural Healthcare

Building sustainable development with quality healthcare

Community health initiatives to bridge the gap in rural healthcare.

Community health plays a vital role in various aspects of individuals’ lives, including their ability to work, financial well-being, life expectancy, happiness, and more. It enhances safety and effectively helps curb the growth of chronic diseases in the population. However, robust community health infrastructure remains a distant dream in numerous regions worldwide.

At DocOnline, we have designed simple yet impactful healthcare solutions at a very low cost to empower communities by improving access to quality healthcare and reducing the need for long-distance travel to receive medical treatment.

Real Stories. Real Impact

Our Case Studies

Real Stories. Real Impact

Our Case Studies

Building Primary healthcare infrastructure via Corporate CSR initiatives

While there are thousands of Primary healthcare centres (PHCs) in rural India, delivering quality healthcare to remote areas remains a significant concern due to the need for qualified doctors and trained professionals.

DocOnline’s proprietary eClinic platform enables corporates to adopt PHCs and convert them to digital healthcare centres. The fully integrated ePHC setup and managed by DocOnline allows the beneficiaries to get a live video doctor consultation with experienced and MCI-certified in-house doctors in metropolitan cities. The centre also provides free blood tests, medicines, and minor treatment through a day-care facility, helping villagers avoid long-distance travel by 87%. The ability to monitor the ePHCs centrally on a real-time basis, the automation in pharmacy, and the patient pathway improve efficiency.

The project initiated by the Director General Medical Health (DGMH) of Uttar Pradesh in 10 districts is helping 4 Lakh villagers with over 3 lakh health services annually.

Clinic on Wheels - Delivering Quality Healthcare to Women in Rural India...
Helping women in Rural India build a sustainable livelihood...

Clinic on Wheels - Delivering Quality Healthcare to Women in Rural India

In rural India, the lack of female doctors and the embarrassment of discussing health issues with male doctors prevent 71% of women from voicing their health problems. This results in the silent suffering of women due to health issues, leading to anemia in over 55% of them, as reported by experts.

DocOnline’s Clinic on Wheels tackles this challenge by delivering video doctor consultations, medicines, and diagnostic services through a two-wheeler clinic. The availability of specialist doctor consultations helps 98% of women avoid physical doctor visits. The health initiative for women is managed by 100% female paramedic staff, and GPS tracking of Mobile clinics ensures staff safety.

This CSR initiative by NandGhar, a foundation by Vedanta Resources Limited, is operational in 600+ villages, delivering 2,00,000 consultations annually and supporting acute health problems, pregnancy, menstrual issues, and child malnutrition. .

Helping women in Rural India build a sustainable livelihood

Women in rural areas predominantly work as unskilled labour in agricultural fields, earning meagre wages. The absence of dignified opportunities in urban areas due to illiteracy and limited field knowledge, discourages them from migrating to cities.

DocOnline’s SwasthyaMitra model empowers enterprising rural women equipped with a smartphone and preferably a two-wheeler to establish digital clinics. Through comprehensive skill-development and training, these digital clinics deliver quality healthcare services within the community at a nominal fee. This revenue-sharing model is subsidized for two years to ensure sustainability and focus on increasing the individual income, while providing multiple health-related services, including Specialist Consultations, Diagnostics, micro insurance, and referrals.

By empowering women with entrepreneurial opportunities to solve the healthcare challenges of Rural India, the model contributes to multiple SDGs including Good Health and Well-being, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Gender Equality, and No Poverty. .

Our End-to-End Capabilities

How we do it:

Our End-to-end Capabilities

How we do it:

Technology Driven Capabilities

Doconline Benefits

Fully integrated platform enables remote end-end healthcare delivery

Doconline Benefits

Connected devices to conduct 60+ diagnostic tests, including blood & urine

Doconline Benefits

Capability to centrally monitor daily operations and KPIs

Doconline app

Machine readable health data to identify common disease conditions

Knowledge & Domain Expertise

CSR projects

Tailor-made solutions to support specific community health needs

CSR projects

60+ doctors & 80+ healthcare professionals to manage on-ground execution

CSR projects

Proven engagement strategies to spread awareness and drive footfall

CSR projects

CSR projects in 7 States, 100 Districts, and 800+ Villages benefiting 6,00,000 families

Clinical Care Capabilities

csr program

Domain Knowledge to build effective care programs for Women, Children, and others

csr program

87% avoided the need to travel long distances for medical support

csr program

Medicines provided to 90% prescriptions immediately after consultation

csr program

Female Doctors & Specialists, camps for better education on health, hygiene & sanitation

Our Healthcare Services

Innovative healthcare services delivering whole body care.
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Care Management Programs

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Health Centers

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Digital Consultations

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Voices of Good Health

Watch. Read. Listen.

Voices of Good Health

Watch. Read. Listen.

Our journey of delivering end-to-end primary healthcare services in remote villages of Uttar Pradesh.


Polio, lack of funds or her father's untimely death - Nothing stopped her from achieving her purpose.

Empowering Women
Transforming Healthcare

Won the CSR Health Impact Awards 2022


Bridging the gaps in Maternal Healthcare between urban and rural India.

Empowering Women
Transforming Healthcare

30% of India's CSR spends can deliver quality healthcare to every village in India.


A 29-year-old woman who picked up the pieces after losing her husband to Covid-19.

Empowering Women. Transforming Healthcare.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is your model and how it works? +
  • At DocOnline, we work with the government, corporates, and NGOs to make healthcare accessible to many. Our Community health solutions are being used by:

    1. Corporates for their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.
    2. Governments to revamp their healthcare infrastructure in villages.
    3. Foundations/NGOs with healthcare interests.

    DocOnline works with the Government of Uttar Pradesh, Vedanta NandGhar Foundation, Nokia-DEF, SkillTree (a USAID program under Samriddh), Shell Foundation, and Sravanthi Energy in making quality healthcare accessible in over 800 villages.

    As an end-to-end solution provider, DocOnline designs health programs that address the real health needs in a community, leads the project commissioning, recruits the local workforce, trains them as expert caregivers, and manages the project to deliver the KPIs. Technology is a backbone for all our community initiatives, allowing us to improve efficiency and track the live status of the project anytime, anywhere.
  • Since you are a ‘For Profit’ Company how can you receive CSR funds? +
  • We work as an implementation partner with Organizations, Governments, Funds, NGOs, and Foundations to deliver healthcare services in rural India.

    DocOnline has partnered with a like-minded NGO – Aspire For Her for Sustainable Livelihood Generation for Women and Healthcare Programs. The NGO is registered under Section 8 and can receive CSR funds for implementing projects.
  • What services do you offer? +
  • As an innovative digital healthcare company, we offer various healthcare solutions for Community health initiatives.

    Our offerings include:

    Design skilling programs for the disadvantaged and first-generation learner (women) members in colleges

    Contribute to the Financial Independence of women & underprivileged communities via healthcare entrepreneurship opportunities.

    Design and drive care management programs for healthcare issues in the community.

    Health camps

    Digital health centres

    Mobile clinics
  • How is DocOnline different? +
  • DocOnline has been active in the Community Health space for almost four years, providing healthcare access to underserved communities in remote areas. We operate in over 800 communities/villages across seven states and have a proven track record of delivering successful healthcare programs. Our ePHC project with the Director General of Medical Health (DGMH) of Uttar Pradesh was recognized for building trust amongst the population. The Clinic on Wheels project with Vedanta Foundation won the CSR Health Impact Awards 2022.

    • Unlike aggregators, we have a dedicated team of carefully selected MCI-certified in-house doctors offering consults in 14 Indian languages.

    • Our doctors are trained for telemedicine and empowered with the latest international clinical decision-making tools to identify the root cause of the medical problem and deliver appropriate treatment.

    • The robust quality monitoring process managed by senior clinicians helps assess the consultation and prescription quality to provide continuous training & feedback to the doctors.

    • The technology helps us improve efficiency in patient pathways and track the project in real time from anywhere, anytime.


We are an innovative digital healthcare company focused on clinical quality to deliver whole-body care with in-house telemedicine trained doctors.
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